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Creating jobs for Pipelines

Creating jobs for Pipelines

You can create jobs for Pipelines.

To create a Pipelines job:

  1. Open your Pipelines asset from the project.
  2. Click Run pipeline > Create a job.
  3. On the Create a job page, you can choose the asset version that you'd like to run. The most recently saved version of the Pipelines is used by default.
  4. Give a name and optional description for your job. Click next.
  5. Define your IAM API key. The most recently used API key is used by default. If you'd like to use a new API key, click Generate new API key. Click next.
  6. You can schedule your job by toggling Schedule off to Schedule to run. You can choose either or both options:
    • Start on: Choose a date for your scheduled job to run. The time zone is GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time). If you do not choose a start date, the job will never run automatically and must be started manually.
    • Repeat: You can choose to schedule the repeated frequency (every minute to every month), exclude running the job on certain days, and choose an end date. If you do not choose to repeat the job, it runs one time if a start date is given, or does not run.
  7. Review your job settings and click Create. The Pipelines job is listed under Jobs in your project.

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