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Creating jobs in Data Refinery

Creating jobs in Data Refinery

You can create a job to run a Data Refinery flow directly in Data Refinery.

To create a Data Refinery flow job:

  1. In Data Refinery, click the Jobs icon the jobs icon from the Data Refinery toolbar and select Save and create a job.

  2. Define the job details by entering a name and a description (optional).

  3. On the Configure page, select an environment runtime for the job, and optionally modify the job retention settings.

  4. On the Schedule page, you can optionally add a one-time or repeating schedule.

    If you define a start day and time without selecting Repeat, the job will run exactly one time at the specified day and time. If you define a start date and time and you select Repeat, the job will run for the first time at the timestamp indicated in the Repeat section.

    You can't change the time zone; the schedule uses your web browser's time zone setting. If you exclude certain weekdays, the job might not run as you would expect. The reason might be due to a discrepancy between the time zone of the user who creates the schedule, and the time zone of the compute node where the job runs.

  5. Optional: Set up notifications for the job. You can select the type of alerts to receive.

  6. Review the job settings. Then, create the job and run it immediately, or create the job and run it later.

    The Data Refinery flow job is listed in the Jobs in your project.

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