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Creating jobs with Masking flow
Creating jobs with Masking flow

Creating jobs with Masking flow

A masking flow job defines the data that is to be masked, whether it's a full copy of data tables or a subset of data tables with relationships intact. You can create a job from the Assets page of a project.

Note: Masking flow supports Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) as a target; however, writing to HDFS is limited to parquet files.

To create a masking flow job:

  1. From the project's Assets page, select the asset from the section for your asset type and choose Mask from the menu icon with the lists of options (actions icon three vertical dots) at the end of the table row.
  2. Define the job details by entering a name and a description (optional).
  3. On the Select target page, select the target connection where you want to insert masked data copy. The source connection is used to read data. You can also add a new connection. The schema maps the source table to the target table. Table definitions must already be configured in the source schema.
  4. On the Partitions page, you can optionally edit the partition details for the asset.
  5. On the Schedule page, you can optionally add a one-time or repeating schedule.

    If you define a start day and time without selecting Repeat, the job will run exactly one time at the specified day and time. If you define a start date and time and you select Repeat, the job will run for the first time at the timestamp indicated in the Repeat section.

    You can't change the time zone; the schedule uses your web browser's time zone setting. If you exclude certain weekdays, the job might not run as you would expect. The reason might be due to a discrepancy between the time zone of the user who creates the schedule, and the time zone of the compute node where the job runs.

  6. Review the job settings. Then create the job and run it immediately, or create the job and run it later.

    The masking flow job is listed under Jobs in your project.

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