Adding connections to projects

You need to create a connection asset for a data source before you can load data to or from it. A connection asset contains the information necessary to create a connection to a data source.

You create connections to these types of data sources:

  • IBM Cloud services
  • Other cloud services
  • On-premises databases

See Connection types for a full list of data sources.

To create a new connection in a project:

  1. Click Add to project > Connection.
  2. Choose a data source.
  3. If necessary, enter the connection information required for your data source. Typically, you need to provide information like the host, port number, username, and password.
  4. For on-premises databases, choose a Secure Gateway service or configure a new Secure Gateway service.

  5. Enter credentials for your data source. Select Shared to enter credentials to make the data source and its credentials accessible to all collaborators in the project. Select Personal, if you want each collaborator to provide their own credentials to use the data source.

  6. Click Create. The connection appears on the Assets page. You can edit the connection by clicking the connection name on the Assets page.

Connections with personal credentials are marked with a key icon (the key symbol for private connections) on the Assets page and are locked. If you are authorized to access the connection, you can unlock it by entering your credentials the first time you select it. This is a one-time step that permanently unlocks the connection for you. After you have unlocked the connection, the key icon is no longer displayed. Connections with personal credentials are already unlocked if you created the connections yourself.

Watch this video to see how to create a connection and add connected data to a project.

Next steps

Add data from this connection:

Configure a Secure Gateway service

The IBM Cloud Secure Gateway service provides a remote client to create a secure connection to on-premises databases. You can provision a Secure Gateway service in one service region and use it in Watson Studio instances that you provisioned in other regions.

To configure a secure gateway:

  1. Click New Secure Gateway and then Create Secure Gateway.
  2. Go to your IBM Cloud profile settings. On the Services page, find the Secure Gateway service and choose Manage from the MANAGE menu.
  3. On the Secure Gateway Dashboard, add a gateway.
  4. Click the gateway and add a client. You can download a client program or copy the provided Docker command.
  5. On your client computer, configure the client program or run the Docker command.
  6. Go back to the New connection page, click Reload, and then select the secure gateway that you just created.

For detailed instructions on creating a secure gateway, see Getting started with Secure Gateway.

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