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Reporting tables

Reporting tables

Reporting data for IBM Knowledge Catalog is stored in SQL tables in PostgreSQL, Db2 database. You can use the descriptions of the tables to better understand the reporting data and to generate more meaningful reports.

Each table description contains the list of table columns with short descriptions and the CREATE TABLE SQL statement. In some cases, ALTER TABLE and CREATE INDEX statements are provided.

Each of these tables has a history table that is associated with it. The name of a history table starts with the prefix hist_, followed by the table name.

In PostgreSQL SQL tables, use the f_trig_<table_name> function to populate the tables with appropriate data. The function is defined in the following way:

FUNCTION f_trig_<table_name>() RETURNS TRIGGER AS $$







$$ LANGUAGE 'plpgsql'

To better understand the replationships between the SQL tables that store the reporting data, see Data model for IBM Knowledge Catalog reporting. The list of tables is as follows:

Subject area Table name Description
Workspaces containers Catalogs and projects that are created.
Workspaces projects A project and its members.
Workspaces container_assets The assets that are defined in a catalog or project.
Workspaces container_data_assets The data assets that are defined in a catalog or project.
Workspaces container_data_asset_columns The columns in a data asset.
Workspaces data_asset_column_tags The tags that are associated with the columns.
Workspaces asset_collaborators A list of all the members of an asset.
Workspaces container_members A list of all the members of a catalog or project.
Workspaces data_asset_column_class_distribution Suggested data classes for a column with confidence.
Workspaces data_asset_column_prop_values Custom attribute column values.
User Profiles user_profiles A list of all the users of a catalog or project.
Asset relationships asset_artifact_relations The associations between asset and governance artifacts.
Asset relationships container_assets_associations The relationships between the catalog assets.
Asset relationships asset_tags The tags that are associated with an asset.
Asset relationships governance_artifact_container_associations The governance artifact, which is associated with a catalog asset.
Asset relationships data_asset_column_artifact_associations The governance artifacts, which are associated with the column of the data asset.
Asset relationships column_to_asset_relations The associations between data asset column and an asset.
Asset relationships column_to_column_relations The associations between data asset columns.
Asset relationships column_to_artifact_relations The associations between data asset column and artifacts.
Asset relationships data_asset_pk_fk_columns The associations between data asset column and any asset.
Asset relationships data_asset_fk_ref_columns The associations between data asset reference column and any asset.
Tags Tags The tags that are defined.
Rules enforcement_rules The enforcement rules (data protection rules) that are defined.
Categories categories The governance categories that are defined.
Categories category_collaborators A list of all collaborators of a category.
Categories category_tags The tags that are associated with a category.
Categories category_associations The relationships between categories.
Governance artifacts governance_artifacts The governance artifacts that are defined in the system that are in the published state.
Governance artifacts governance_artifact_stewards A list of stewards that are assigned to a published artifact.
Governance artifacts governance_artifact_associations The relationships between the governance artifacts.
Governance artifacts artifact_tags The tags that are associated with an artifact.
Artifact relationships secondary_category_associations A list of secondary categories to which an artifact is assigned.
Artifact relationships business_term_associations The relationships between business terms.
Artifact relationships data_class_associations The relationships between data classes.
Artifact relationships policy_associations The relationships between policies.
Artifact relationships reference_data_set_associations The relationships between reference data sets.
Artifact relationships classification_associations The relationships between classifications.
Artifact relationships governance_rule_associations The relationships between governance rules.
Artifact relationships artifact_enforcement_rule_associations The implicit relationships between a governance artifact and enforcement rules.
Artifact relationships artifact_category_associations The relationships between governance artifact and category.
Metadata imports and enrichments metadata_imports Metadata import information.
Metadata imports and enrichments metadata_import_executions The scheduled time of the metadata import job.
Metadata imports and enrichments metadata_enrichments Metadata enrichments information.
Data quality rules dq_issues_for_asset_columns The data quality issues for a column.
Data quality rules dq_issues_for_assets) The issues observed when assets undergo quality analysis to determine the overall data quality.
Data quality rules dq_checks Information about the data quality checks.
Data quality rules dq_v4_dimensions The quality dimensions for the rule for example wheather there is duplicates.
Data quality rules dq_rule_definitions The data quality rule definition.
Data quality rules dq_rules_defs Data Quality Rule Definitions.
Data quality rules dq_rules The data quality rule information.
Data quality rules dq_rule_bindings The rule bindings for the data quality rule.
Data quality rules dq_rule_execution The scheduled time for the data quality rule job.
Customizations category_custom_roles The custom category roles.
Customizations glossary_custom_relationship_def The custom relationship definitions.
Customizations glossary_ca_attr_artifact_type_assoc The supported artifact types for custom attribute definition.
Customizations glossary_custom_relationship_nodes The source and target artifact type for custom relationship definitions.
Customizations glossary_custom_attr_def The custom attribute definitions.
Customizations glossary_ca_enum_list the custom attribute definitions of ENUM type.
Customizations governance_artifact_custom_attr_values The custom attribute values.
Customizations asset_custom_properties The custom properties group assigned to an asset type and the property under that group.
Customizations asset_type_custom_properties The type of custom property and its associated custom group.
Customizations asset_prop_enum_list The custom property of type enumeration.
Customizations asset_custom_prop_values The the values assigned to the custom properties which are defined against the asset.
Workflow workflow_types The workflow types.
Workflow workflow_templates The workflow templates.
Workflow workflow_configurations The workflow configurations.
Workflow workflows The workflows.
Workflow workflow_tasks The workflow tasks.

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