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IBM watsonx APIs

IBM watsonx APIs

You can complete many of the tasks for watsonx with APIs.

APIs for managing assets

You can use a collection of REST APIs to manage data-related assets and the people who need to use these assets. See Watson Data API.

Connections in the Watson Data API

Use the Watson Data API to create a connection in a catalog or project. See Connections in the Watson Data API.

Python library for foundation models

For the full library reference, see Foundation models Python library.

For examples of how to use the foundation models Python library, see Foundation models Python library.

APIs for machine learning

Watson Machine Learning allows for managing spaces, deployments, and assets programmatically by using:

For links to sample Jupyter Notebooks that demonstrate how to manage spaces, deployments, and assets programmatically, see Machine Learning Python client samples and examples.

APIs for factsheets

AI Factsheets allows managing settings, model entries, and report templates programmatically by using:

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