Activate Watson services

IBM Watson Studio and Watson Knowledge Catalog are Watson applications that are part of IBM Cloud.

To use Watson services:

  1. Activate Watson services by logging in to your IBM Cloud account from the Try Watson page.
  2. If you want to create your services in a different IBM Cloud service region than the one selected by default, select a different region.
  3. If you don’t have an IBM Cloud account, create one.
  4. On the Select account screen, select the account and resource group where you want to use Watson services. If you belong to an account with existing services, you can select it instead of your account. You won’t see the Select account screen if you have only one account and resource group.

Note: Be sure to stay with your default browser during the activation process. If you find yourself at the IBM Cloud Dashboard, just return to the Try Watson page and follow the link to log in with an existing account.

Watch this video to see how to activate Watson services.

Figure 1. Video iconSign up for a an IBM Watson account
This video shows you how to sign up for IBM Watson including an IBM Cloud account.

After you activate Watson services, use your IBM Cloud account to log in to the applications at

If you are the only user in the account, you’re all set! As owner of the IBM Cloud account that activated Watson applications, you have the necessary permissions to add services, projects, catalogs, and so on.

To set up your account with additional users so that they can share services and resources see Set up additional account users.

Next steps

Go back to Get started and complete the relevant steps for you. If you signed up for only one application, you can add the other application by clicking your avatar and then Add Other Services.