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Get help

You can get help with Cloud Pak for Data as a Service through documentation, training, support, and community resources.

Help with platform setup

You must be the account owner or administrator for a billable IBM Cloud account to set up the Cloud Pak for Data as a Service platform for your organization. To learn how to set up Cloud Pak for Data as a Service, see Setting up the Cloud Pak for Data as a Service platform.


Start training your model by data preparation, analysis, and visualization. Learn how to build, deploy, and trust your models. Use the following tutorials and videos to get started with Cloud Pak for Data as a Service:

You can find more training in the Cloud Pak for Data as a Service learning collection and IBM Developer Training.

Community resources

Share and gain knowledge using IBM Community and get the most out of our services.

Explore blogs, forums, and other resources in these communities:

Find more blogs and forums on the following platforms:


You can use sample projects, notebooks, and data sets to get started fast.

Find samples in the following locations:


IBM Cloud provides you with three paid support options to customize your experience according to your business needs. Choose from Basic, Advanced, or Premium support plan. The level of support that you select determines the severity that you can assign to support cases and your level of access to the tools available in the Support Center.

You can also go to IBM Cloud Support Center to open a support case, browse FAQs, or ask questions to IBM Chat Bot.

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