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Managing users and access

Managing users and access

As the account owner or administrator, you add the people in your organization to the IBM Cloud account and then assign them access permissions using roles that provide access to the Cloud Pak for Data as a Service services needed for their work.

User management on IBM Cloud

People who work in Cloud Pak for Data as a Service must have a valid IBMid and be a member of the IBM Cloud account. Alternately, they must have a valid id in a supported user registry. User management includes adding users to the account and then assigning appropriate roles to provide access to the services and actions that they need. For more information, see Adding users to the account.

Access management using IBM Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM)

You control the actions that a user can perform for a specific service by assigning permissions with IBM Cloud IAM. You create user access groups containing roles to provide permissions for users. You can also assign roles and permissions to individual users. If necessary, you can create custom roles to satisfy your business requirements.

Before you implement access management with IBM Cloud IAM, understand the following options:

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