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Setting up the IBM watsonx platform for administrators

Setting up the IBM watsonx platform for administrators

To set up the watsonx platform for your organization, sign up for IBM watsonx.ai, upgrade to a paid plan, set up the services that you need, and add your users with the appropriate permissions.

IBM watsonx.ai on the watsonx platform includes cloud-based services that provide data preparation, data science, and AI modeling capabilities. The watsonx platform is protected by the same powerful security constraints that are available on IBM Cloud.

Table 1. Configuration steps for IBM watsonx
Task Location Required Role Description
Set up the IBM Cloud account IBM Cloud Account Owner Set up a paid account.
Manage users and access IBM Cloud Administrator Invite users to join the account, create user access groups, and assign roles or access groups to users to provide access.
Set up IBM Cloud Object Storage for use with IBM watsonx IBM Cloud and IBM watsonx Administrator Create a test project to initialize IBM Cloud Object Storage and set the location to Global in each user's profile.
Set up the Watson Studio and Watson Machine Learning services IBM Cloud and IBM watsonx Administrator Upgrade to a paid plan.
Create the Platform assets catalog IBM watsonx Administrator or Manager role for the Cloud Pak for Data service Add connections to the platform assets catalog for use by collaborators.
Also provides storage for AI use case inventories.
Set up watsonx.governance IBM Cloud and IBM watsonx Administrator or Editor Create access policies and assign roles to users.
Configure firewall access (if necessary) IBM watsonx and cloud provider firewall configuration Administrator Configure inbound access through a firewall.
Optional. Configure security mechanisms IBM Cloud Administrator IBM watsonx has five security levels to ensure that data, application endpoints, and identity are protected. For a list of common security mechanisms, see Common security mechanisms.
Optional. Connect to data behind a firewall IBM Cloud Administrator Securely connect to databases that are hosted behind a firewall.
Optional. Configure integrations with other cloud platforms IBM Cloud and IBM watsonx Administrator Connect to services on other cloud platforms.

Common security mechanisms

As an IBM Cloud account owner or administrator, you set up security for the account by providing single sign-on, IAM role-based access control, secure communication, and other security constraints.

Following are common security mechanisms for the IBM watsonx platform:

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