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Metadata import jobs

Metadata import jobs

A metadata import job is created automatically when you create a metadata import asset.

The default job name is metadata-import-name job but you can choose a different name when you create the metadata import asset. However, you can't change the name later.

To view details about a metadata import job, you can use one of these methods:

  • On the project's Jobs page, find the job and click it.
  • Within the metadata import asset, click the link to the job that is available in the asset details.

From the job's details page, you can view its runs and the status of each run.

The job is initialized.
Processing is in progress.
A user canceled the job run.
All assets were successfully imported.
Completed with warnings
Processing completed but some assets had to be skipped, for example, because they did not exist in the data source.
Completed with errors
Processing completed but some assets could not be imported, for example, due to a timeout.
Processing stopped unexpectedly.

If a run completed with warnings or errors, or failed altogether, you can select the run and view the log tail or download the entire log file to help you troubleshoot the run.

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