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Downloading data assets from a catalog

Downloading data assets from a catalog

You can download data assets from a catalog to your local system.

Important: Take care when you download assets. Collaborators can upload any type of file into a project, including files that have malware or other types of malicious code.

Keep in mind the following considerations:

  • You can download only data assets from local files that were directly uploaded to the catalog’s associated storage or uploaded to a project and published to the catalog, and non-virtualized data assets from IBM Cloud Object Storage connections if the file type is supported for download.
  • You cannot download a data asset if you are denied access due to a data protection rule.
  • If a data asset has filtered rows from a data protection rule, then the rows of the downloadable asset will be filtered.
  • If a data asset is masked, then the values in the downloadable file will be masked.

Downloading an asset from the catalog storage

To download a data asset from IBM Cloud Object Storage, open the data asset and click the Download button.

Ensure that connections to IBM Cloud Object Storage have an Access Key and a Secret Key (also known as HMAC credentials). You can download any asset stored in Cloud Object Storage if you have HMAC credentials. For more information about HMAC credentials, see Using HMAC credentials.

Downloading other connected assets

To download a connected data asset from connections other than IBM Cloud Object Storage:

  1. Copy the connected data asset to a project.
  2. Follow the steps to Download a connected data asset in a project to create a Data Refinery flow to save the table as a CSV file in the project's storage and download the file from the project.

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