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Watson Natural Language Processing task catalog

Watson Natural Language Processing task catalog

Watson Natural Language Processing encapsulates natural language functionality in standardized components called blocks or workflows. Each block or workflow can be loaded and run in a notebook, some directly on input data, others in a given order.

This topic contains descriptions of the natural language processing tasks supported in the Watson Natural Language Processing library. It lists the task names, the languages that are supported, dependencies to other blocks and includes sample code of how you use the natural language processing functionality in a Python notebook.

The following natural language processing tasks are supported as blocks or workflows in the Watson Natural Language Processing library:

Language codes

Many of the pre-trained models are available in many languages. The following table lists the language codes and the corresponding language.

Language codes and their corresponding language equivalents
Language code Corresponding language Language code Corresponding language
af Afrikaans ar Arabic
bs Bosnian ca Catalan
cs Czech da Danish
de German el Greek
en English es Spanish
fi Finnish fr French
he Hebrew hi Hindi
hr Croatian it Italian
ja Japanese ko Korean
nb Norwegian Bokmål nl Dutch
nn Norwegian Nynorsk pl Polish
pt Portuguese ro Romanian
ru Russian sk Slovak
sr Serbian sv Swedish
tr Turkish zh_cn Chinese (Simplified)
zh_tw Chinese (Traditional)

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