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Compute resource options for SPSS Modeler in projects
Compute resource options for SPSS Modeler in projects

Compute resource options for SPSS Modeler in projects

When you run an SPSS Modeler flow in a project, you choose an environment template for the runtime environment. The environment template specifies the type, size, and power of the hardware configuration, plus the software template.

Types of environments

You can use this type of environment with SPSS Modeler:

  • Default SPSS Modeler CPU environments for standard workloads

Default environment templates

You can select any of the following default environment templates for SPSS Modeler in a project. These default environment templates are listed on the project's Environments page.

Default SPSS Modeler environment templates available in Watson Studio
Name Hardware configuration Local storage CUH rate per hour
Default SPSS Modeler S 2 vCPU and 8 GB RAM 128 GB 1
Default SPSS Modeler M 4 vCPU and 16 GB RAM 128 GB 2
Default SPSS Modeler L 6 vCPU and 24 GB RAM 128 GB 3

After selecting an environment, any other SPSS Modeler flows opened in that project will use the same runtime. The hardware configuration of the available SPSS Modeler environments is preset and cannot be changed.

Compute usage in projects

SPSS Modeler consumes compute resources as CUH from the Watson Studio service in projects.

You can monitor the Watson Studio CUH consumption in the project on the Environments page.

Changing the SPSS Modeler runtime

If you notice that processing is very slow, you can restart SPSS Modeler and select a larger environment runtime.

To change the SPSS Modeler environment runtime:

  1. Save any data from your current session before switching to another environment.
  2. Stop the active SPSS Modeler runtime from the Environment tab of your project by selecting the runtime and clicking ACTIONS > Stop.
  3. Restart SPSS Modeler and select another environment with the compute power and memory capacity that better meets your requirements.

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