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Exporting space assets from deployment spaces

Exporting space assets from deployment spaces

You can export assets from a deployment space so that you can share the space with others or reuse the assets in another space.

For a list of assets that you can export from space, refer to Assets in a deployment space.

Exporting space assets from the UI


To avoid problems with importing the space, export all dependencies together with the space. For more information, see Exporting a project.

To export space assets from the UI:

  1. From your deployment space, click the import and export space (Import or Export space icon) icon. From the list, select Export space.
  2. Click New export file. Specify a file name and an optional description.
    Tip: To encrypt sensitive data in the exported archive, type the password in the Password field.
  3. Select the assets that you want to export with the space.
  4. Click Create to create the export file.
  5. After the space is exported, click the download (Download icon) to save the file.

You can reuse this space by choosing Create a space from a file when you create a new space.

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