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Deleting a deployment

Deleting a deployment

When you are done with a deployment, it is a best practice to delete it to free up resources. You can delete a deployment from a deployment space, or programmatically, by using the Python client or Watson Machine Learning APIs.

Deleting a deployment from a space

To remove a deployment:

  1. Open the Deployments page of your deployment space.
  2. Choose Delete from the action menu for the deployment name.
    Deleting a deployment

Deleting a deployment by using the Python client

Use the following method to delete the deployment.


Returns a SUCCESS message. To check that the deployment was removed, you can list deployments and make sure that the deleted deployment is no longer listed.



----  ----  -----  -------  -------------
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Deleting a deployment by using the REST API

Use the Delete method for deleting a deployment:

DELETE /ml/v4/deployments/{deployment_id}

For example:

curl --location --request DELETE 'https://us-south.ml.cloud.ibm.com/ml/v4/deployments/:deployment_id?space_id=<string>&version=2020-09-01'

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