Publishing a notebook as a gist

A gist is a simple way to share a notebook or parts of a notebook with other users. Unlike when you publish to a GitHub repository, you don’t need to manage your gists; you can edit your gists directly in the browser.

All project collaborators, who have administrator or editor permission, can share notebooks or parts of a notebook as gists. The latest saved version of your notebook is published as a gist.

Before you can create a gist, you must be logged in to GitHub and have authorized access to gists in GitHub from Watson Studio. See Publish notebooks on GitHub. If this information is missing, you are prompted for it.

To publish a notebook as a gist, you can:

  • Select the notebook in the Notebooks list on the project’s Assets page and click Actions > Publish as gist.
  • Open the notebook in edit mode, click the GitHub integration icon (Shows the upload icon) and select Publish as gist.

Watch this video to see how to publish a gist.