Assigning existing users IAM Editor access

IBM Cloud services are transitioning from using Cloud Foundry organizations for access control to using Identity and Access management (IAM). If you added users to your IBM Cloud account without assigning IAM access, your users might not be able to provision instances of some services, for example, Visual Recognition.

To assign a user the IAM Editor role:

  1. Log in to your IBM Cloud account.
  2. Click Manage > Access (IAM).
  3. Click the appropriate user name.
  4. On the Access policies tab, click Assign access.
  5. Click Assign access within a resource group.
  6. Select these values:
    • From the Resource group list, select default.
    • From the Assign access to a resource group list, select Editor.
    • From the Services list, select All Identity and Access enabled services.
    • From the Regions list, select All regions.
    • From the Assign platform access roles list, select Editor.
    • From the Assign service access role list, select Writer. IAM Editor role
  7. Click Assign.

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