Sort node

You can use Sort nodes to sort records into ascending or descending order based on the values of one or more fields. For example, Sort nodes are frequently used to view and select records with the most common data values. Typically, you would first aggregate the data using the Aggregate node and then use the Sort node to sort the aggregated data into descending order of record counts. Displaying these results in a table will allow you to explore the data and to make decisions, such as selecting the records of the top 10 best customers.

The following settings are available for the Sort node

Sort by. All fields selected to use as sort keys are displayed in a table. A key field works best for sorting when it is numeric.

  • Add fields to this list using the Field Chooser button on the right.
  • Select an order by clicking the Ascending or Descending arrow in the table's Order column.
  • Delete fields using the red delete button.
  • Sort directives using the up and down arrow buttons.

Default sort order. Select either Ascending or Descending to use as the default sort order when new fields are added above.

Note: The Sort node is not applied if there is a Distinct node down the model flow. For information about the Distinct node, see Distinct node.