webnode properties

Time Plot node iconThe Web node illustrates the strength of the relationship between values of two or more symbolic (categorical) fields. The graph uses lines of various widths to indicate connection strength. You might use a Web node, for example, to explore the relationship between the purchase of a set of items at an e-commerce site.


stream = modeler.script.stream()
typenode = stream.findByID("id42KW3MSA94B")

node = stream.create("web", "My node")
stream.link(typenode, node)

# "Plot" tab
node.setPropertyValue("to_field", "Drug")
node.setPropertyValue("fields", ["Sex", "BP", "Cholesterol", "Drug"])
node.setPropertyValue("true_flags_only", False)
node.setPropertyValue("line_values", "Absolute")
node.setPropertyValue("strong_links_heavier", True)
# "Options" tab

node.setPropertyValue("max_num_links", 300)
node.setPropertyValue("links_above", 10)
node.setPropertyValue("num_links", "ShowAll")
node.setPropertyValue("discard_links_min", True)
node.setPropertyValue("links_min_records", 5)
node.setPropertyValue("weak_below", 10)
node.setPropertyValue("strong_above", 19)
node.setPropertyValue("link_size_continuous", True)
node.setPropertyValue("web_display", "Circular")
Table 1. webnode properties
webnode properties Data type Property description
use_directed_web flag  
fields list  
to_field field  
from_fields list  
true_flags_only flag  
line_values Absolute OverallPct PctLarger PctSmaller  
strong_links_heavier flag  
num_links ShowMaximum ShowLinksAbove ShowAll  
max_num_links number  
links_above number  
discard_links_min flag  
links_min_records number  
discard_links_max flag  
links_max_records number  
weak_below number  
strong_above number  
link_size_continuous flag  
web_display Circular Network Directed Grid  
graph_background color Standard graph colors are described at the beginning of this section.
symbol_size number Specifies a symbol size.
directed_line_values Absolute OverallPct PctTo PctFrom Specify a threshold type.
show_legend boolean You can specify whether the legend is displayed. For plots with a large number of fields, hiding the legend may improve the appearance of the plot.
labels_as_nodes boolean You can include the label text within each node rather than displaying adjacent labels. For plots with a small number of fields, this may result in a more readable chart.