transformnode properties

Table node iconThe Transform node allows you to select and visually preview the results of transformations before applying them to selected fields.


stream =
typenode = stream.findByID("id42KW3MSA94B")

node = stream.create("transform", "My node"), node)

node.setPropertyValue("fields", ["Age", "K", "Na"])
node.setPropertyValue("formula", "Select")
node.setPropertyValue("formula_log_n", True)
node.setPropertyValue("formula_log_n_offset", 1)[])
Note: Many of the properties listed below are only supported in SPSS Modeler Desktop, not in SPSS Modeler in Cloud Pak for Data.
Table 1. transformnode properties
transformnode properties Data type Property description
fields [ field1… fieldn] The fields to be used in the transformation.
formula All Select Indicates whether all or selected transformations should be calculated.
formula_inverse flag Indicates if the inverse transformation should be used.
formula_inverse_offset number Indicates a data offset to be used for the formula. Set as 0 by default, unless specified by user.
formula_log_n flag Indicates if the logn transformation should be used.
formula_log_n_offset number
formula_log_10 flag Indicates if the log10 transformation should be used.
formula_log_10_offset number
formula_exponential flag Indicates if the exponential transformation (ex) should be used.
formula_square_root flag Indicates if the square root transformation should be used.
use_output_name flag Specifies whether a custom output name is used.
output_name string If use_output_name is true, specifies the name to use.
output_mode Screen File Used to specify target location for output generated from the output node.
output_format HTML (.html) Output (.cou) Used to specify the type of output.
paginate_output flag When the output_format is HTML, causes the output to be separated into pages.
lines_per_page number When used with paginate_output, specifies the lines per page of output.
full_filename string Indicates the file name to be used for the file output.