Common node properties

A number of properties are common to all nodes in SPSS Modeler.

Table 1. Common node properties
Property name Data type Property description
use_custom_name flag  
name string Read-only property that reads the name (either auto or custom) for a node on the canvas.
custom_name string Specifies a custom name for the node.
tooltip string  
annotation string  
keywords string Structured slot that specifies a list of keywords associated with the object (for example, ["Keyword1" "Keyword2"]).
cache_enabled flag  



all node names as specified for scripting
Read-only property used to refer to a node by type. For example, instead of referring to a node only by name, such as real_income, you can also specify the type, such as userinputnode or filternode.

SuperNode-specific properties are discussed separately, as with all other nodes. See SuperNode properties for more information.