reportnode properties

Report node iconThe Report node creates formatted reports containing fixed text as well as data and other expressions derived from the data. You specify the format of the report using text templates to define the fixed text and data output constructions. You can provide custom text formatting by using HTML tags in the template and by setting output options. You can include data values and other conditional output by using CLEM expressions in the template.


stream =
sourcenode = stream.findByID("id46WRP1285C")

node = stream.create("report", "My node")
node.setPropertyValue("text", "[to_integer(Age)]"), node)
Table 1. reportnode properties
reportnode properties Data type Property description
output_mode Screen File Used to specify target location for output generated from the output node.
output_format HTML (.html) Text (.txt) Output (.cou) Used to specify the type of file output.
format Auto Custom Used to choose whether output is automatically formatted or formatted using HTML included in the template. To use HTML formatting in the template, specify Custom.
use_output_name flag Specifies whether a custom output name is used.
output_name string If use_output_name is true, specifies the name to use.
text string  
full_filename string  
highlights flag  
title string  
lines_per_page number