histogramnode properties

Histogram node iconThe Histogram node shows the occurrence of values for numeric fields. It's often used to explore the data before manipulations and model building. Similar to the Distribution node, the Histogram node frequently reveals imbalances in the data.


stream = modeler.script.stream()
typenode = stream.findByID("id42KW3MSA94B")

node = stream.create("histogram", "My node")
stream.link(typenode, node)

# "Plot" tab
node.setPropertyValue("field", "Drug")
node.setPropertyValue("color_field", "Drug")
node.setPropertyValue("panel_field", "Sex")
# "Options" tab
node.setPropertyValue("range_mode", "UserDefined")
node.setPropertyValue("range_min", 1.0)
node.setPropertyValue("range_max", 100.0)
node.setPropertyValue("num_bins", 10)
node.setPropertyValue("normalize", True)
node.setPropertyValue("separate_bands", False)
Table 1. histogramnode properties
histogramnode properties Data type Property description
field field  
color_field field  
panel_field field  
animation_field field  
range_mode Automatic UserDefined  
range_min number  
range_max number  
bins ByNumber ByWidth  
num_bins number  
bin_width number  
normalize flag  
separate_bands flag  
x_label_auto flag  
x_label string  
y_label_auto flag  
y_label string  
use_grid flag  
graph_background color Standard graph colors are described at the beginning of this section.
page_background color Standard graph colors are described at the beginning of this section.
normal_curve flag Indicates whether the normal distribution curve should be shown on the output.