applyglmmnode properties

You can use GLMM modeling nodes to generate a GLMM model nugget. The scripting name of this model nugget is applyglmmnode. For more information on scripting the modeling node itself, see glmmnode properties.

Table 1. applyglmmnode properties
applyglmmnode Properties Values Property description
confidence onProbability onIncrease Basis for computing scoring confidence value: highest predicted probability, or difference between highest and second highest predicted probabilities.
score_category_probabilities flag If set to True, produces the predicted probabilities for categorical targets. A field is created for each category. Default is False.
max_categories integer Maximum number of categories for which to predict probabilities. Used only if score_category_probabilities is True.
score_propensity flag If set to True, produces raw propensity scores (likelihood of "True" outcome) for models with flag targets. If partitions are in effect, also produces adjusted propensity scores based on the testing partition. Default is False.
enable_sql_generation false true native Used to set SQL generation options during flow execution. The options are to push back to the database, or to score within SPSS Modeler.