distributionnode properties

Distribution node iconThe Distribution node shows the occurrence of symbolic (categorical) values, such as mortgage type or gender. Typically, you might use the Distribution node to show imbalances in the data, which you could then rectify using a Balance node before creating a model.


stream = modeler.script.stream()
typenode = stream.findByID("id42KW3MSA94B")

node = stream.create("distribution", "My node")
stream.link(typenode, node)

# "Plot" tab
node.setPropertyValue("plot", "Flags")
node.setPropertyValue("x_field", "Age")
node.setPropertyValue("color_field", "Drug")
node.setPropertyValue("normalize", True)
node.setPropertyValue("sort_mode", "ByOccurence")
node.setPropertyValue("use_proportional_scale", True)
Table 1. distributionnode properties
distributionnode properties Data type Property description
plot SelectedFields Flags  
x_field field  
color_field field Overlay field.
normalize flag  
sort_mode ByOccurence Alphabetic  
use_proportional_scale flag  
use_grid boolean Display gridlines.