Selecting functions

The function list displays all available CLEM functions and operators. Scroll to select a function from the list, or, for easier searching, use the drop-down list to display a subset of functions or operators.

Available functions are grouped into categories for easier searching.
  • General Functions contains a selection of some of the most commonly-used functions.
  • Recently Used contains a list of CLEM functions used within the current session.
  • @ Functions contains a list of all the special functions, which have their names preceded by an @ sign. Note that the @DIFF1(FIELD1,FIELD2) and @DIFF2(FIELD1,FIELD2) functions require that the two field types are the same (for example, both Integer or both Long or both Real).
  • Database Window Aggregates. If the flow includes a database connection (by means of a Data Asset Import node), this selection lists the window aggregation options that you can use within that database. These options are available in the Expression Builder for Field Operations nodes only. Note that because SPSS Modeler obtains the Window Aggregate Functions from the Database System View, the available options are dependent on database behavior.

    Although called "aggregates," these options aren't designed for use in the Aggregate node. They're more applicable to nodes such as Derive or Select. This is because their output is scalar instead of a true aggregate; that is, they don't reduce the amount of data shown in the output in the same way that the Aggregate node does. For example, you could use this sort of aggregation to provide a moving average down through rows of data, such as "average of the current row and all previous rows."

  • Built-In Aggregates. Contains a list of the possible modes of aggregation you can use.
  • Operators. Lists all the operators you can use when building expressions. Operators are also available from the buttons.
  • All Functions. Contains a complete list of available CLEM functions.

After you select a group of functions, double-click to insert the functions into the Expression box at the point indicated by the position of the cursor.

Database functions

You can run an SPSS Modeler desktop stream file (.str) that contains database functions. But they aren't yet available in the Expression Builder user interface.