Data Asset export node

You can use the Data Asset export node to write to remote data sources using connections. First, you must create the connection.

In the node's properties, under DATA, various options are available. You can browse to and select an existing file, or type a file name in the Target location field. You can also select a remote connection such as a database.

If the data set already exists, specify whether to replace it, append the output to the existing data set, or stop with an error.

After running the node, you can find the new data asset in your project under Assets > Data Asset.

Note: You can import a stream (.str) into Watson Studio that was created in SPSS Modeler Subscription or SPSS Modeler client. If the imported stream contains one or more import or export nodes, you'll be prompted to convert the nodes. See Migrating import and export nodes.
Different countries use different symbols to separate the integer part from the fractional part of a number and to separate fields in data. For example, you might use a comma instead of a period to separate the integer part from the fractional part of numbers. And, rather than using commas to separate fields in your data, you might use colons or tabs. With a Data Asset import or export node, you can specify these symbols for field delimiter and decimal. Double-click the node to open its properties and select the Field delimiter and the Decimal symbol as desired. Available delimiters are Comma, Tab, Colon, or Other. Select Other if you need to specify your own custom delimiter.
Figure 1. Field delimiter and decimal symbol options
Field delimiter and decimal symbol options