Organize data classification for data policies

Data classification enables you to set up a secure environment for your organization. Data can be classified, for example, according to its level of sensitivity, value, and importance for your organization as required by your own data policies. This helps you establish reliable security controls for data protection.

To organize data classification you must be assigned the Admin role for the Watson Knowledge Catalog app. Classification applies to the whole account. It only shows the asset classifiers of the catalog that belongs to the currently logged in account.

Classification offers automatic profiling of assets in catalogs. You can use algorithms in the rule builder to automatically detect assets that contain, for example, sensitive personal information (SPI). To automatically classify the columns of a data asset in a catalog with data policies enforced, open this asset and click the catalog Profile tab.

You can assign the following classifiers to data assets in catalogs using policy rules:

To manually classify an existing asset in a catalog with data policies enforced, preview this asset in the catalog Overview tab and edit the Classification property. You can also choose this classification (such as sensitive personal information) and user restrictions when:

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