Manage business terms in the business glossary

Use the Business Glossary to define business terms that adhere to your business terminology and manage their lifecycle. You can associate business terms with system terms and classifiers so that your terms are displayed in the rules that make up policies. You can also add detailed descriptions and tags to your business terms so that users can easily find the terms they are looking for.

To manage business terms you must be assigned the Admin role for the Watson Knowledge Catalog app. Some Watson Knowledge Catalog plans have limits on the number of business terms that you can create.

To manage, organize, or control business glossary terms, open Catalog > Business Glossary, then open one of the following tabs:

  • Published to search for business terms that are currently used in your setup.
  • Draft to search for business terms you have saved for review or later processing.
  • Archived to view business terms that are no longer used.

Terms are listed in alphabetical order. Select an index character to find the term you are looking for. Click the index character again to undo your selection and redisplay the full list.

To find a term, enter the name of the business term in the search field. You can also sort the business terms by date to view the latest updates.

If you have assigned tags to your business terms:

  • Click one or more tags of a business term to list only those business terms to which you have previously assigned the selected tags.
  • Enter the tag in the search field to list only terms that have the same tag assigned.

To get an overview of which assets, policies, and rules have been associated with a specific business term:

  1. Open Business Glossary
  2. Select the business term
  3. Click Related content.

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