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Adding a connection to Google BigQuery in Watson Query

Connecting to Google BigQuery in Watson Query

The Google BigQuery connector requires specific information to create a connection to it in Watson Query.


To connect to Google BigQuery in Watson Query, follow these steps.

  1. On the navigation menu, click Data > Data virtualization. The service menu opens to the Data sources page by default.

  2. Click Add connection > New connection to see a list of data sources that can be added to Watson Query.

  3. Select Google BigQuery data source connection.

  4. Enter the connection name and description and select one of the following methods to connect to the data source:

    • Copy and paste the content and path of the Google service account key file.
    • Specify the following information to connect by using a token:
      • The ID of the Google project.
      • The access token to access Google BigQuery.
      • The OAuth client ID and secret.
      • A token to refresh the access token when needed.
  5. Click Create to add the connection to the data source environment.


You can now use your Google BigQuery database as a data source in Watson Query.
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