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QualityStage stages in DataStage

QualityStage stages

Use the QualityStage stages in DataStage® to investigate, cleanse, and manage your data.

With the QualityStage stages, also known as data quality stages, you can manipulate your data in the following ways:
  • Resolve data conflicts and ambiguities.
  • Uncover new or hidden attributes from free-form or loosely controlled source columns.
  • Conform data by transforming data types into a standard format.

Stage functions

The following table lists the available stages and gives details on their functions:

Table 1. QualityStage stages
Stage Icon Function
Data rules Investigate icon Checks data quality anywhere in the flow of a job.
Investigate Investigate icon The character investigation type of Investigate stage analyzes and classifies data, parsing it into a single-pattern report. The word investigation type of Investigate stage uses a set of rules for classifying data such as personal names, business names, and addresses.
Match Frequency Match Frequency icon Generates the frequency distribution of values for columns in the input data. You use the frequency distribution and the input data in match jobs.
One-source Match One-source Match icon Matches records from a single source file.
Standardize Standardize icon Makes source data internally consistent, so each data type has the same kind of content and format.
Two-source Match Two-source Match icon Compares two sources of input data (reference records and data records) for matches.
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