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Specifying where the stage runs

Specifying where the stage runs

You can specify on which processing nodes the stage processes are run, and constrain the stage to use certain resources.

You can limit the stage to running on a group of nodes that have been defined as a node pool in the configuration file, or you can define a node map that is local to the stage. You can also limit the stage to using a set of resources defined in a resource pool in the configuration file.
  1. Open the Advanced tab of the Stage page.
  2. To make the stage run on a predefined node pool or use a predefined resource pool:
    1. Select the configuration file that defines your node and resource pools from the list.
    2. Select a Node pool or Resource pool from the Constraint list.
    3. If you are specifying a resource pool, select a Type for a resource pool
    4. Select the name of the pool that you are limiting execution to.
    5. Repeat steps a - d to specify more pools.
  3. To define a node map of nodes the stage can run on:
    1. Select Node map constraint.
    2. In the text field, type in, or browse for, the names of the nodes to which execution will be limited.
  4. Click OK to close the stage editor, or select another page or tab to open.
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