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Split Vector stage in DataStage

Split Vector stage

The Split Vector stage is a restructure stage. It promotes the elements of a fixed-length vector to a set of similarly named top-level columns.

It can have a single input link and a single output link.

The Split Vector stage creates columns of the format name0 to namen, where name is the original vector's name and 0 and n are the first and last elements of the vector.

Shows a vector of columns being split into top-level columns

The Make Vector stage performs the inverse operation (see Make Vector stage).

The stage editor has three tabs:

  • Stage tab. This tab is always present and is used to specify general information about the stage.
  • Input tab. This tab is where you specify the details about the single input set from which you are selecting records.
  • Output tab. This tab is where you specify details about the processed data being output from the stage.
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