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Selecting a different run environment for a scenario in a Decision Optimization experiment

Selecting a different run environment for a particular scenario in a Decision Optimization experiment

You can choose different environments for individual scenarios on the Environment tab of the Run configuration pane.

About this task

This task is useful if you don't want certain scenarios to use the default environment (and when more than one Python version is supported).

The Decision Optimization environment currently supports Python 3.10. The default version is Python 3.10.

To select a different run environment for a particular scenario, without changing the default for all the other scenarios:


  1. Open the Scenario pane and select your scenario in the Build model view.
  2. Click the Run configuration icon next to the Run button to open the Run configuration pane and select the Environment tab.
  3. Choose Select run environment for this scenario, select an existing environment from the drop-down menu, and click Run.
    Environment tab of Run Configuration pane for scenario 1

    The Environment tab in this pane also shows you the default run environment that is being used for your experiment.

    You can also create your own run environment and extend it with additional Python library files and YAML code. For more information, see Changing default environments and adding Python extensions for additional Python libraries.

  4. Open the Overview information pane.


From the Overview information pane, you can now see that your scenario has your chosen environment, while this modification does not affect other scenarios.

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