Can’t provision a second service instance for Watson Knowledge Catalog in an IBM Cloud account

You can’t provision another instance of the Watson Knowledge Catalog service in an IBM Cloud account.

What’s happening

You get an error message explaining that you already have an instance for the IBM Cloud account that you’re in.

Why it’s happening

You can provision only one instance of the Watson Knowledge Catalog service for an IBM Cloud account.

How to fix it

Here’s what you can do:

  • Use the existing instance of the service. You might need to change your organization setting on your avatar menu to access the service. Check the error message for the correct organization name.
  • Switch to a different IBM Cloud account or create a new account and provision a new instance of the service.
  • Delete the existing instance in IBM Cloud and then create a new instance of the service.
  • Upgrade the existing instance to the required plan.
  • Contact the account owner or organization managers listed in the error message to discuss the options. They might need to update the IBM Cloud organization or space permissions to enable shared access.
  • Contact the IBM Cloud Support center.