F1-Measure gives the harmonic mean of precision and recall.

F1-Measure at a glance

  • Description: Harmonic mean of precision and recall
  • Default thresholds: Lower limit = 80%
  • Default recommendation:
    • Upward trend: An upward trend indicates that the metric is improving. This means that model retraining is effective.
    • Downward trend: A downward trend indicates that the metric is deteriorating. Feedback data is becoming significantly different than the training data.
    • Erratic or irregular variation: An erratic or irregular variation indicates that the feedback data is not consistent between evaluations. Increase the minimum sample size for the Quality monitor.
  • Problem type: Binary classification
  • Chart values: Last value in the time frame
  • Metrics details available: Confusion matrix

Do the math

The F1-Measure is the weighted harmonic average, or mean, of precision and recall.

          (precision * recall)
F1 = 2 *  ____________________

          (precision + recall)