Creating credentials for Watson OpenScale

To access the IBM Watson OpenScale REST APIs, you must have an API key and a data mart ID, also known as a service instance. The Platform API key gives an individual user the ability to access resources in the IBM Cloud.

For enterprise accounts, an administrator can create the data mart, invite users into the account, and give those users access to a specific Watson OpenScale data mart. A user can then create their own API key, and can access the same Watson OpenScale data mart without conflict or security risk.

Creating the API key

To create an IBM Cloud API key, complete the following steps:

  • Log in to IBM Cloud.
  • Select Manage > Access (IAM) > IBM Cloud API Keys
  • Click Create an IBM Cloud API key.
  • Give your key a name and description and click Create.

Finding service IDs:

Find your data mart, deployment, subscription, or binding IDs, on the Watson OpenScale Payload logging page, which is shown when you select Configure monitors for a deployment.

  1. Click the model deployment tile.
  2. Click Configure monitors the configure icon.
  3. Click Endpoints.
  4. On the Watson OpenScale Model information tab, in the Integration details pane, find an ID, such as the Datamart ID.

Creating service instance credentials by using the command console

To create credentials for Watson OpenScale, complete the following steps by using the IBM Cloud command console:

  1. Retrieve your API key by running the following command:

     ibmcloud login --sso
     ibmcloud iam api-key-create 'my_key'

    The following information displays:

     Name         my_key
     Created At   2018-10-09T14:04+0000
     API Key      Tg4Gxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxQU-nE
     Locked       false
     UUID         ApiKey-xxxxxxxxx-afd7-xxxxx-b0e1-xxxxxxxxxxx
  2. Verify the Resource Group that you are using in your IBM Cloud account.

    1. Go to the Dashboard.
    2. From the navigation menu, click Resource list.
    3. From the Group column, click the Filter by group or organization drop-down selection and set the Default checkbox.

Resource Group in Cloud

If you are not using the Default resource group, then run the following command to get your credential for Watson OpenScale:

   ibmcloud target -g myResourceGroup

Where myResourceGroup is the name of the resource group that is associated with your Watson OpenScale instance.

  1. Retrieve your Watson OpenScale instance ID by running the following command:

     ibmcloud resource service-instance '<Your_Watson_OpenScale_instance_name>'

    If you are using the IBM Cloud command console on Windows, replace the single quotation marks (‘) in the preceding commands with double quotation marks (“).

    The following information displays:

     Name:                  AI OpenScale-my_instance
     ID:                    crn:v1:ibmcloud:public:aiopenscale:us-south:a/c2f2xxxxxxxxxxxx867::
     GUID:                  03daxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx38a7
     Location:              us-south
     Service Name:          aiopenscale
     Service Plan Name:     lite
     Resource Group Name:   Default
     State:                 active
     Type:                  service_instance
     Sub Type:
     Created at:            2018-09-17T13:58:43Z
     Updated at:

    The GUID value is your Watson OpenScale instance ID.

Next steps

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