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Searching for assets across the platform

Searching for assets across the platform

You can use the global search bar to search for assets across all the projects and deployment spaces to which you have access.

Requirements and restrictions

You can find assets under the following circumstances.

Required permissions

You can have any role in projects or deployment spaces to find assets.


You can search for assets that are in these workspaces:

  • Projects
  • Deployment spaces

Types of assets

You can search for all types of assets.


Your search results include only assets in workspaces that you belong to.

Selecting results

To select the best result, look at which property of the asset matches your search string. The matching text is highlighted.

The highest scoring results are for matches to the name of the asset. Multiple assets can have the same name. However, the name of the project, deployment or space, is shown underneath the asset name so you can determine which result is the one you want.

Click an asset name to view it in its project or deployment space.

Results are prioritized in this order:

  1. Matches of quoted phrases or common phrases (for English only)
  2. Exact matches of complete words
  3. Partial matches of complete words
  4. Fuzzy matches

From the search results, you can click Preview to view more information in the side panel.

Filtering and sorting results

You can filter search results by these properties:

  • Type of asset
  • Tags
  • Owners (for some types of assets)
  • The user who modified the asset
  • The time period when the asset was last modified
  • Projects (assets only)
  • Workspaces
  • Schema
  • Table
  • Contains: Feature group

You can sort results by the most relevant or the last modified date.

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