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Replicating IBM Db2 Warehouse data
Replicating IBM Db2 Warehouse data

Replicating IBM Db2 Warehouse data

You can replicate data from other databases to IBM Db2 Warehouse using Data Replication.

IBM Db2 Warehouse is an analytics data warehouse that gives you a high level of control over your data and applications. You can use the IBM Db2 Warehouse connection as a target to which to replicate data in Data Replication assets.

Steps to configure IBM Db2 Warehouse as a target for Data Replication

1. Create a database user for Data Replication

Ask your Db2 warehouse administrator to add a user for Data Replication. Request that it be of type Add user, not of type Add IBMid user, with user privilege User (Administrator is not required). Request the Db2 hostname, port number and database name.

2. Create a connection in a project

  1. Go to the site to log in with your personal credentials:

  2. Click on an existing project. If you do not yet have a project, see Configuring a project.

  3. Click New asset and select Connection.
  4. Select Db2 Warehouse connection. Fill in a name and optionally a description. To find the values for the Database, Hostname and Port, ask your IBM Db2 Warehouse administrator. The default database name is BLUDB, and the default port is 50001.
    Under Credentials, fill in the username and password. Use the username described in Step 1.

    Checkmark Port is SSL-enabled.
  5. Click Test connection. If this is not successful, check that the credentials and database were entered correctly and test again.
  6. Click Create.

You now have a connection for a target ready. Next, create a Data Replication asset and configure it.

Next step: Add data replication assets


You can use this connection only as a target for Data Replication. You cannot use this connection as a source connection.

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