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watsonx.governance on AWS

watsonx.governance on AWS

Use watsonx.governance as a Service on AWS to govern your AI models and use cases.


Govern and manage models and use cases, streamlining risk management and compliance processes for AI operations.

Watsonx.governance includes the watsonx.governance Model Risk Governance solution. With this solution you can:

  • Use Governance Console tools to implement comprehensive processes for assessing risk and adherence to corporate and regulatory policies, including assessing risk for the recently approved European Union Artificial Intelligence Act.
  • Establish customizable risk assessment and model approval workflows, which can be triggered and tracked collaboratively, across various roles and functions, providing a complete model governance audit trail at every stage.

Integration with Amazon SageMaker

You can bring the advanced AI governance capabilities of watsonx.governance to your Amazon SageMaker predictive machine learning and generative AI models.

Watsonx.governance capabilities for Amazon SageMaker assets include:

  • Sync information from Amazon SageMaker model cards to Governance Console.
  • Sync information from Governance Console to Amazon SageMaker.

The following graphic illustrates the interaction between watsonx.governance and SageMaker on AWS. The process flow shows how an Amazon SageMaker model is prepared and trained on AWS. Metadata about the model is shared by using the model card with the Governance Console feature of watsonx.governance. You can use governance tools such as approval workflows to meet your governance goals.

Governance process for SageMaker models on AWS

Product differences

Watsonx.governance on AWS includes the watsonx.governance Model Risk Governance solution and Governance Console only. References in the documentation to other integrations and solutions apply to other deployment types of watsonx.governance.

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