Security of IBM Watson apps

IBM Watson apps conform to IBM Cloud security requirements. See IBM Cloud security.


Data is encrypted at rest and in motion:

  • All the files that you upload or save into a project or catalog are stored in dedicated IBM Cloud Object Storage buckets and are encrypted on disk. See About IBM Cloud Object Storage. You can encrypt the Cloud Object Storage instance that you use for projects and catalogs with your own key. See Configure Cloud Object Storage for project and catalog creation.
  • All network communication is encrypted with TLS/SSL.
  • Connections to on-premises data sources require a secure gateway.


IBM Watson apps are disaster resistant:

  • The metadata for your projects and catalogs are stored in a three-node dedicated Cloudant Enterprise cluster that spans multiple geographic locations.
  • The files associated with projects and catalogs are protected by the level of resiliency specified by the IBM Cloud Object Storage plan.


See Keep your data secure and compliant.

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