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Project collaborator roles and permissions

Project collaborator roles and permissions

When you add a collaborator to a project, you specify which actions that the user can do by assigning a role.

These roles provide these permissions for projects:

Project permissions
Action Viewer Editor Admin
View all information for data assets
View jobs
Add and read data assets
View Data Refinery flows and SPSS Modeler flows
View all other types of assets
Create, run, or delete tuning experiments
Deploy tuned models (Editor access to the deployment space is also required.)
Submit inference requests to foundation models, including tuned foundation models
Create, add, modify, or delete all types of assets
Promote assets to deployment spaces
Run and schedule assets that run in tools and jobs
Create and modify data asset visualizations
Save visualizations to your project
Create and modify data asset profiles
Share notebooks
Edit the project readme
Use project access tokens
Manage environment templates
Stop your own environment runtimes
Export a project to desktop
Manage project collaborators *
Set up integrations
Manage associated services
Manage project access tokens
Mark project as sensitive

* To add collaborators or change collaborator roles, users with the Admin role in the project must also belong to the project creator's IBM Cloud account.

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