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Compute resource options for AutoAI experiments in projects

Compute resource options for AutoAI experiments in projects

When you run an AutoAI experiment in a project, the type, size, and power of the hardware configuration available depend on the type of experiment you build.

Default hardware configurations

The type of hardware configuration available for your AutoAI experiment depends on the type of experiment you are building. A standard AutoAI experiment, with a single data source, has a single, default hardware configuration. An AutoAI experiment with joined data has options for increasing computational power.

Capacity units per hour for AutoAI experiments

Hardware configurations available in projects for AutoAI with a single data source
Capacity type Capacity units per hour
8 vCPU and 32 GB RAM 20

The runtimes for AutoAI stop automatically when processing is complete.

Compute usage in projects

AutoAI consumes compute resources as CUH from the Watson Machine Learning service.

You can monitor the total monthly amount of CUH consumption for the Watson Machine Learning service on the Resource usage page on the Manage tab of your project.

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