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Promoting assets to a deployment space

Promoting assets to a deployment space

Learn about how to promote assets from a project to a deployment space and the requirements for promoting specific asset types.

Promoting assets to your deployment space

You can promote assets from your project to a deployment space. For a list of assets that can be promoted from a project to a deployment space, refer to Adding assets to a deployment space. When you are promoting assets, you can:

  • Choose an existing space or create a new one.
  • Add tags to help identify the promoted asset.
  • Choose dependent assets to promote them at the same time.

Follow these steps to promote your assets to your deployment space:

  1. From your project, go to the Assets tab.
  2. Select the Options (Options icon) icon and click Promote to space.
Tip: If the asset that you want to promote is a model, you can also click the model name to open the model details page, and then click the Promote to deployment space icon.


  • Promoting assets and their dependencies from a project to a space by using the Watson Studio user interface is the recommended method to guarantee that the promotion flow results in a complete asset definition. For example, relying on the Watson Data API to manage the promotion flow of an asset, together with its dependencies, can result in the promoted asset from being inaccessible from the space.
  • Promoting assets from default Git-based projects is not supported.
  • Depending on your configuration and the type of asset that you promote, large asset attachments, typically more than 2 GB, can cause the promotion action to time out.

For more information, see:

Promoting connections and connected data

When you promote a connection that uses personal credentials or Cloud Pak for Data authentication to a deployment space, the credentials are not promoted. You must provide the credentials information again or allow Cloud Pak for Data authentication. Because Storage Volume connections support only personal credentials, to be able to use this type of asset after it is promoted to a space, you must provide the credentials again.

Some types of connections allow for using your personal platform credentials. If you promote a connection or connected data that uses your personal platform credentials, tick the Use my platform login credentials checkbox.

Although you can promote any kind of data connection to a space, where you can use the connection is governed by factors such as model and deployment type. For example, you can access any of the connected data by using a script. However, in batch deployments you are limited to particular types of data, as listed in Creating a batch deployment.

Promoting models

When you promote a model to a space:

  • Components that are required for a successful deployment, such as a custom software specification or model definition are automatically promoted as well.
  • The data assets that were used to train the model are not promoted with it. Information on data assets used to train the model is included in model metadata.

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