Creating a Core ML deployment

In a Core ML deployment, you download a machine learning model for use with iOS apps. This deployment type is only supported on certain frameworks, such as TensorFlow.

To create a Core ML deployment:

  1. From the deployment space, click the name of the saved model you want to deploy. The model detail page opens.
  2. From the Deployments tab, click Create deployment.
  3. Choose Core ML for iOS as the deployment type.
  4. Provide a name and adjust any optional settings for the deployment, then click Create to create the deployment.
  5. When the deployment is complete, click the deployment name to view the details and to get the URL for the Core ML deployment.
  6. Download the compressed file, uncompress it, and follow Core ML instructions for integrating with an iOS app.

You can review a sample notebook that shows how to use a Core ML model to predict Boston house prices