Collaborator permissions for spaces

When you add a collaborator to a deployment space, you specify which actions the user can do by assigning an access level. If you have the Admin role, you can change the access level of an existing collaborator on the Access Control page of the space.

To add one or more collaborators to a deployment space:

  1. Open the deployment space and click the Access Control tab.
  2. Click Add collaborators. From the panel that opens you can:
    • Search for existing Watson Studio users and choose a role. They are added immediately.
    • Enter email address of new users and choose a role.
    • Click Select project collaborators to add the collaborators from the associated project to the deployment space.

These roles provide these permissions for deployment spaces:

Enabled permission Viewer Editor Admin
View assets and deployments
Test model deployment API
Find implementation details
Configure deployments  
Batch score  
Online score
Update assets  
Import assets  
Deploy assets  
Remove assets  
Remove deployments    
View spaces/members
Associate space with project  
Delete space