TLA node output

After running a Text Link Analysis node, the data is restructured. It's important to understand the way text mining restructures your data.

If you desire a different structure for data mining, you can use nodes on the Field Operations palette to accomplish this. For example, if you were working with data in which each row represented a text record, then one row is created for each pattern uncovered in the source text data. For each row in the output, there are 15 fields:

  • Six fields (Concept#, such as Concept1, Concept2, ..., and Concept6) represent any concepts found in the pattern match
  • Six fields (Type#, such as Type1, Type2, ..., and Type6) represent the type for each concept
  • Rule Name represents the name of the text link rule used to match the text and produce the output
  • A field using the name of the ID field you specified in the node and representing the record or document ID as it was in the input data
  • Matched Text represents the portion of the text data in the original record or document that was matched to the TLA pattern