sortnode properties

Sort node icon The Sort node sorts records into ascending or descending order based on the values of one or more fields.


node = stream.create("sort", "My node")
node.setPropertyValue("keys", [["Age", "Ascending"], ["Sex", "Descending"]])
node.setPropertyValue("default_ascending", False)
node.setPropertyValue("use_existing_keys", True)
node.setPropertyValue("existing_keys", [["Age", "Ascending"]])
Table 1. sortnode properties
sortnode properties Data type Property description
keys list Specifies the fields you want to sort against. If no direction is specified, the default is used.
default_ascending flag Specifies the default sort order.
use_existing_keys flag Specifies whether sorting is optimized by using the previous sort order for fields that are already sorted.
existing_keys   Specifies the fields that are already sorted and the direction in which they are sorted. Uses the same format as the keys property.
default_sort_order Ascending
Specify whether, by default, records are sorted in ascending or descending order of the sort key values.