Properties reference overview

You can specify a number of different properties for nodes, flows, projects, and SuperNodes. Some properties are common to all nodes, such as name, annotation, and ToolTip, while others are specific to certain types of nodes. Other properties refer to high-level flow operations, such as caching or SuperNode behavior. Properties can be accessed through the standard user interface (for example, when you open the properties for a node) and can also be used in a number of other ways.

  • Properties can be modified through scripts, as described in this section. For more information, see Syntax for properties.
  • Node properties can be used in SuperNode parameters.

In the context of scripting within SPSS Modeler, node and flow properties are often called slot parameters. In this documentation, they are referred to as node properties or flow properties.

For more information about the scripting language, see The scripting language.